Determination of Business Fair Value, Modeled by Lund

In Business Valuation, Minnesota Appellate Decisions, Trusts by Joseph Pull

In December 2014, Kim Lund, one of four siblings who shared beneficial ownership of Minnesota’s Lund grocery empire, filed a lawsuit against her brother Tres Lund (the CEO of the business entities), the entities themselves, two directors, and a co-trustee of one of Kim’s trusts. In the action Kim sought to divest her Lund business entity interests, and the court decided it would order a buyout. After a trial in February 2017, the district judge entered an order valuing Kim’s business interests and resolving Kim’s request for the removal of certain trustees from her trusts. The district judge’s decision was appealed. On January 14, 2019, the Minnesota Court of Appeals decided the appeal.[1] The Lund appellate opinion touches numerous issues of interest in Minnesota minority shareholder and trust litigation. This post considers the process of assessing the fair value of a business entity, as illustrated by Lund. *     *     *     *     *