In today’s global economy, business relationships and transactions are complex, whether a business is large or small. Business disputes that arise are often similarly complicated. Briol & Benson has the experience and knowledge to handle sophisticated commercial and financial litigation in a wide range of areas, including securities law, contract law, unfair and deceptive trade practices, trade secrets, patent infringement, gaming law, antitrust, intellectual property, and white-collar crime.


Briol & Benson attorneys have extensive experience litigating disputes in all aspects of the financial markets, including investments in public equities, debt instruments, mortgage-backed securities and other collateralized debt obligations, and more. These disputes can involve the interplay of federal and state statutes, complex contracts, and common law obligations. Clients need an attorney with the knowledge and experience to understand both these legal obligations and the economic realities of the market. We have successfully pursued and defended against multi-million-dollar claims across the country, helping our clients develop and pursue the best strategy to protect their business.


Contracts are the primary legal tool governing business relationships. When those relationships break down – when your counterpart breaches the agreement or accuses you of having done so – you need an attorney who can understand both the legal and business aspects of the problem. Briol & Benson attorneys understand business, and can help you craft the strategy necessary to resolve your dispute, protect your rights, and allow you to get back to business. Sometimes the result can be negotiated, but other times it requires sophisticated, hard-fought litigation. We can do both, and can help you decide which path to follow.


Many states have enacted consumer fraud laws designed to protect their citizens from unfair or deceptive advertising. These laws can often be broad in scope, and may subject businesses to significant damages and potential for injunctions that could effectively close down their operations. What’s more, they can often be enforced either by government agencies or individuals.

Briol & Benson attorneys have extensive experience both bringing and defending consumer fraud claims. When you have a potential case, or when you are faced with a government investigation, you need an attorney who understands these laws and how they are applied. We can help you address the claims, and vigorously pursue your rights.


State laws governing business practices can be a challenge to understand and apply. What statements are fair comparisons with a competitor, and when do they cross the line into a violation of the law? When can you bring a claim directly against someone who has unfairly deceived you or your customers?

Our attorneys understand the law of unfair competition, and we can help you answer these questions. Once you know the answer, we can help you enforce your legal rights.


A business’s trade secrets are often its most valuable assets. They give it a leg up on the competition, creating a market edge that others cannot replicate. If those secrets are lost, the damage can be devastating. At the same time, receiving another business’s trade secrets – even if done accidentally – can expose a business to significant risks. It is therefore vital to have a comprehensive trade secret protection plan, and to be prepared to aggressively litigate to protect secrets or to defend against accusations of misappropriating another’s trade secrets. Moreover, these cases require the ability to act quickly, to move into court and get injunctive relief before secret information is made public.

Briol & Benson attorneys can do that. We have the knowledge and experience to help you, whether you are a business seeking to protect its own secrets, an employee who is accused of taking secrets to your new job, or a competitor who has been accused of hiring new employees to get their secret knowledge.


In today’s competitive environment, a business must protect any information that gives it an edge in the marketplace, including its financial information, customer lists, product information, and more. This can be done by using employment contracts, employee handbooks, non-compete agreements, and other legal tools. Our attorneys have dealt with disputes regarding all the various ways businesses can and should attempt to protect their information. We have experience advising businesses on how to protect their confidential information, and we can assist you in building a robust program to protect your information, or to evaluate your current policies and procedures.

Briol & Benson attorneys have extensive experience in evaluating and litigating disputes about a business’s confidential information. Whether you are an employee who is wondering what information you can use in a new job or an employer who thinks your information has been compromised, we can quickly evaluate your situation and take action to protect what you have worked so hard to build.


To effectively litigate a patent dispute, an attorney needs to be able to understand the often complex technology at issue, the economics of the market, and the nuances of patent law. And to be able to explain all those matters in a straightforward, understandable way to the jury. Our attorneys have litigated patent infringement actions around the country, and we can do these things for you. Whether you are seeking to enforce your patent, or have to defend against accusations of infringement, Briol & Benson can help you succeed.


Briol & Benson lawyers have pursued and defended commercial claims on behalf of gaming companies around the country. We have handled disputes regarding gaming financing, shareholder rights, employment contracts, real estate development, government contracts, executive compensation, and more. We understand the unique aspects of the industry, and can help you create and pursue the best strategy to resolve your disputes.


Litigating claims regarding antitrust and market manipulation requires sophisticated understanding of the law and the economy. Briol & Benson attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you pursue or defend claims of monopolistic pricing and other violations of the antitrust laws.


Patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and other forms of intellectual property are key to a business’s success in the modern information economy. It is therefore vital for companies to aggressively protect their intellectual property rights. Briol & Benson attorneys have experience in both pursuing and defending claims for patent infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark infringement, and more. Thus whether you are trying to enforce your intellectual property or have been accused of using someone else’s property, Briol & Benson can protect your most vital interests.


Briol & Benson attorneys have been involved in numerous high-profile, sensitive investigations into alleged wrongdoing. We have the experience to conduct confidential internal investigations and help you determine the best course of action. Or if you are potentially the subject of a governmental investigation, or have just received a subpoena as a witness, we can guide you through your response to protect your rights.


Claims of fraud are among the most intense in civil litigation. If you have been lied to in a business setting, or if you have been improperly accused of doing so, Briol & Benson can help you. Our attorneys are aggressive and ethical in both pursuing claims and defending against unjust accusations. If you have a potential fraud claim, we will give you our best advice, and help you establish a strategy to give you the best chance of success.