Divorce—High Asset Marital Dissolutions

In high asset marital dissolution cases, the financial issues are often complex, requiring the proper valuation of businesses or other assets, consideration of prenuptial agreements or estate plans, asset and income tracing, and alleged hidden assets or fraud. The cases, as assumed, are also very ugly with the parties’ enmity for one another glossing the entire proceedings. Briol & Benson represents clients in high asset dissolution cases to help them ensure their rights and property are protected. Our attorneys provide our clients the sophisticated, personalized representation needed to bring their cases to successful conclusion.

Notable Cases

Briol untangles businesses in paired divorces that later sell for $1.5 billion.

Briol represented both founders of a retail empire when they both became involved in divorce proceedings. The litigation involved multiple business interests and sophisticated trusts. Several years after the cases were resolved, the retail empire was sold for approximately $1,500,000,000.

Briol secures payment of $100 million divorce judgment.

 Briol represented a client in an action to enforce a divorce judgment well in excess of $100 million against her former husband. When the action was filed, approximately $36.5 million had been paid, $14 million of payments were in arrears, and approximately $90,000,000 was due in the future. The case involved three appeals to the Minnesota Supreme Court. In the end, Briol collected every dollar owed.