Employment—Executives & Highly Compensated Employees

An employment dispute can be a high-stakes affair for both the employee and the company. A highly compensated executive may have devoted a significant part of his or her professional life to building up a business, resulting in significant contract expectations. The company, on the other hand, is charged with enhancing shareholder value and stewarding corporate resources. The result may be a hard-fought lawsuit that requires aggressive pursuit of contract and equitable rights. Briol & Benson has successfully pursued and defended against multimillion-dollar employment claims in many jurisdictions.

Notable Cases

Briol prevails over departing board chairman in $6 million stock option dispute.

In the United States federal court for the Central District of California, Briol acted as lead trial counsel for a corporate client in a dispute with the company’s former chairman of the board regarding stock options. Briol’s client claimed the options had been canceled when the chairman surrendered his personal business license under questionable circumstances in another state. The case was settled after Briol took the former chairman’s deposition, during which he asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination 222 times.

Litigation is not always necessary. Briol successfully negotiates multimillion dollar contract buyout for Fortune 100 CEO.

 Briol represented a CEO departing on terms from a Fortune 100 company, successfully negotiating his contract buyout and the public face of the separation.