Patent Litigation

Patents are a key to a business’ success in the modern information economy. Therefore, it is vital for companies to aggressively protect their patent rights. To litigate a patent dispute effectively, an attorney must understand the often-complex technology at issue, the economics of the market, and the nuances of patent law while also being able to communicate those matters effectively to a jury. Our experienced attorneys have litigated patent infringement actions across the country and are up to the challenge.  Whether you are seeking to enforce your patent, or need to defend against accusations of infringement, Briol & Benson can help you protect your rights.

Notable Cases

Briol served as lead trial counsel in patent litigation on behalf of a NASDAQ-listed developer of medical devices located in Minnesota.


Our attorneys represented the creator of shopping cart products in a design patent infringement suit brought in the federal district courts in Colorado.


Our attorneys represented the inventor of anti-cancer products involving monoclonal antibodies in patent infringement suits brought in the federal district courts in Minnesota and Illinois.


Briol served as lead counsel in patent litigation on behalf of the doctor who worked to develop the first artificial heart pump.