Becoming aware of potential wrongdoing within your company can be the most stressful and sensitive events in the company’s life. Briol & Benson has experience in conducting efficient, effective, and confidential investigations. We can help you uncover whether there was any wrongdoing and craft the most effective response.


Allegations of employee or executive misconduct can come in many forms, ranging from improper use of company assets or theft, to harassment or discrimination. When allegations of misconduct are made, it is imperative that a company respond appropriately, conducting an investigation to evaluate the allegations and respond accordingly. Those investigations must be done quickly and efficiently, but they also have to be done with care and confidentiality. Briol & Benson has the experience and knowledge to help you appropriately investigate and respond to allegations of employee misconduct.


Alleged misconduct may go beyond internal employee relations or civil lawsuits, to potential state or federal prosecutions. Whether you have received an internal tip or become aware of a government investigation, Briol & Benson can help you respond. We understand the securities law and other complex regulations in which modern businesses operate, including the potential liability associated with violations of those laws. We can help you investigate the allegations and create a plan to respond.