The above film is a fight from the 1973 Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Championships, where attorney Mark Briol faced Gary “the Hammer” Holmgren. Mark Briol was a strapping, nineteen year-old aspiring professional boxer - the Welterweight Champion for the City of Minneapolis. Gary Holmgren, on the other hand, was a formidable Welterweight contender and three-time Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Champion.

Gary Holmgren won this fight by decision and went on to fight for the National Golden Gloves Championship that year, finishing second in the nation. In 2013, Gary Holmgren was inducted into the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame.

These days, Mark Briol does his sparring in the courtroom, litigating some of the toughest and most complex financial cases in the nation.

We would like to thank Gary Holmgren for allowing us to use his image in this film.